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Financial Assistance

Terra Haff and News Producer | January 16, 2012
Skaggs has created a short video as part of the Pinkwell Challenge by The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation. Here's a unique way to help raise money for Skaggs breast cancer patients!   Skaggs created the video as part of the Pink Well Challenge, where philanthropist Lester Smith is giving $1 million in matching grant money to nearly 30 organizations.   Skaggs Regional Medical Center is chosen to receive $45,000 in matching funds and if it receives the most votes on its video, another $50,000 in grant money.
KSPR News | February 15, 2012
Darrell is a charming and funny 14-year-old young man. If you are looking for someone to go fishing and camping he is the one for you. He would love to find a family that will work on cars with him and take some to time to cook at great meal. He wants a family that is “nice to him and calm” and lets him continue writing to his sister. His caseworker prefers a two-parent family; however, all family types will be considered. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.
June 25, 2013
Logan is a sweet, healthy and polite thirteen-year-old who enjoys the outdoors.   Logan likes science and learning about new things.  Logan enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing video games.  Logan is an interesting conversationalist as he knows random facts from watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Logan is a sensitive soul, needing a family who understands what makes him tick and who can handle his energy.  Logan would like a family who will do fun things and spend a lot of time with him.  Logan also needs a family who will be very involved in his school and help him to grow and succeed.
Hugh Keeton | June 27, 2012
Dylan, an energetic teen looking for his forever family. He is very active in 4H and photography. Dylan is thinking of going into culinary studies because he enjoys cooking. Working with horses and other livestock are two of his favorite things to do. This exciting teenager has many hobbies and cannot wait to share them with everyone in his forever home.  In the ninth grade, Dylan likes school and does very well academically. His favorite subject is Algebra, and he really excels at the subject.
July 1, 2013
Michael is a handsome seventeen-year-old boy with a quiet disposition and a sweet smile. He's very respectful of those around him and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Michael is actively involved in the local boys' choir, which has really helped him blossom and come out of his shell. He loves to read, spend time with his siblings, watch sports, and going out to eat. Michael is in need of a family who understands the bond and relationship he has with his siblings and will allow him to maintain this contact.
May 20, 2013
William or "Billy", as he likes to be called is accustomed to farm life and dreams of finding a loving home out in the country. Tinkering with motorized tools and taking things apart and putting them back together are favorite activities for Billy.A diligent eleventh grader, Billy  has always done well academically, with grades in the A to B range. He is interested in either going into the Job Corp or Military, when he is old enough. His caseworker prefers a two parent family where he could be the only child; however, all types of families will be considered.
April 15, 2013
Nicholas, or "Nick", is an interesting, inquisitive and insightful teen who knows his own mind and likes to give input on issues regarding himself. He is an intelligent young man who has great potential and many positive qualities he would bring to a lucky family. A creative and talented writer, Nick has entered his stories into contests and won. This prize has inspired him to become a famous author someday. Other interests of this social guy are mythology and playing games. This seventh grader has flourished in school, perhaps in part due to his interest in learning new things.
April 1, 2013
With a smile that will melt your heart, this giving and kind preteen is ready to thrive in her forever home! Meet Alexis, whose wide variety of interests range from crafts to swimming! She enjoys being girly and shopping, or playing dress up with make-up. While shy at first, Alexis warms up to people easily with a little time. Watching movies or listening to pop music are also things this kiddo loves to do for fun. Alexis eagerly admits she is ready to be adopted and be a part of a family.
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