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Elderly Springfield woman robbed at gunpoint

Robbers got away with her cash

September 05, 2013|Lauren Pozen, KSPR News Reporter; Ben Knaup KSPR News Chief Photographer |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - An elderly Springfield woman is afraid the men who attacked her and held her at gunpoint will come back.

It happened Tuesday morning at her home in the 1600 of east Madison street. The woman says two men came through a window and got away with her cash.

This is the second time Dorothy Smith's home has been broken into.
But, it's the first time a gun was pulled on her.

"I said to the Lord, now Lord, I've prayed and I'm leaving it up to you, whatever happens," says home owner Dorothy Smith

All of her doors were locked and she says the two men came through a window. They told her to sit down in the kitchen.

"He said, I understand you've got money. Where is it?," says Smith.

One of the men left and went looking for the money. The other stayed with her.

"He sat there with the gun pointed toward me and the rag that was on his face, wasn't there," she says.

Smith says the two men were in her home for an hour and left with about $400 dollars. She doesn't feel safe inside her home at night and is staying with family.

Her house is not the only one that's been broken into. Right next door, a similar thing happened.

"I'm just saying they're bad people, that's what they are and I don't like them around," says resident Shari Inskeep.

On Thursday, Inskeep says someone came inside her house and stole a bowling ball. Her doors were locked.

"I don't know how they got entry. I really don't, but i know it was taken," she says.

Inskeep says for the past month, she's seen unusual behavior in her neighborhood. 

"Suspicious things, maybe in the backyard. Things like that and usually late at night," says Inskeep.

If more crimes happen on this street, police say people need to report it.

"It is a great idea to call into the department and make that report. You never know when there's going to be a string of robberies on a street. If we can tie them all together, we can find a suspect and arrest that person for all these cases," says Springfield police spokesperson Lisa Cox

An arrest is what these two women would like to see happen.

"I don't like anybody in my home. I don't think anybody would want to go through it. It's really awful," says Inskeep.

Although Dorothy Smith filed a report, police have little information to go on. If you know anything, call police at 417-864-1810.

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