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Greene County sheriff will conduct internal assessment of Fair Grove police

Also, someone hung a Gadsden flag at city hall

July 09, 2013|by Joe Daues, KSPR News

FAIR GROVE, Mo. -- It didn't pass a budget but the Fair Grove Board of Aldermen did decide on a direction for city law enforcement on Tuesday night.   After a closed session with Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, the board voted 5 to 1 for the Arnott's department to conduct an internal review of the Fair Grove Police Department.  Arnott lives in Fair Grove.

One member of the board and the acting police chief refused to talk to a reporter about the vote or the reasons behind it.   The mayor said the investigation was the board's idea.

"Traditionally, if there is going to be an investigation, it's done by the state," said Mayor Tim Smith.  "So it's an unusual although very gracious offer that the sheriff's office would do that."

The board postponed any action on its budget to the next meeting.   Some city leaders had questions about transportation spending before they voted on the budget.


During the board meeting, Alderwoman Sherry Veach held up a Gadsden flag, the historic American flag that says "Don't Tread on Me."  She said someone hung it at city hall on Tuesday and left the Missouri state flag on the ground. Veach says that's a misdemeanor.

Police promptly asked her how she got the flag from their office.  They then took back the evidence.

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