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Possible Snow Storm Later This Week

March 18, 2013|Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty |

SPRINGFIELD, MO — While the calendar will say spring begins on Wednesday, it will most definitely not feel or look like it on Thursday. A storm system could bring major impacts to parts of the Ozarks later this week.

Before then, our Tuesday looks pretty good as temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 50's. This will be short-lived as much colder air from the north will dive into the Ozarks.

Even Tuesday night will bring the small chance for a few sprinkles or flurries across the far eastern Ozarks as some moisture gets thrown down from the north. This is not the big system though.

We will find a rare combination of both cold air and moisture right over the Ozarks late this week. The cold air can be seen on the map below where a push of some cold Canadian air will start to move in Thursday.


We then look at the moisture content to the south near the Gulf of Mexico. dewpoints show that moisture, and mid 60's dewpoints is pretty good for this time of the year. This moisture again will surge north into the Ozarks and run into the push of colder air from the north.

So who is going to see what? I don't want to get too specific just yet with amounts, but areas just north and east of Springfield will stand the highest chance of receiving some heavier amounts of snow. The further south and west you go the better chances of rain will exist.

This forecast is sure to change so stay tuned this week!

Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty

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