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Family confirms identity of man who died after concert

Lynn Phillips collapsed during "Life in Color" concert

October 06, 2012|KSPR News staff

BUFFALO, Missouri -- A Buffalo, MO family confirms to KSPR News Lynn Phillips, 23, collapsed at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, MO and died later at a hospital Thursday night. Lynn's father owns Phillips and Sons Tire Service in Buffalo.

KSPR's Lauren Pozen spoke to Phillips brother, Lee. He says," I don't see how a 23 year-old kid dies without something going on." That is the question family and friends of Lynn are left with in the wake of his death.

Phillips says his brother was friendly to everyone, caring and always fighting for the underdog. He worked at Phillips and Sons Tire Service in Buffalo six days a week. A hard worker who also liked to have good time. Phillips says, " He liked to have fun on Friday and Saturday night. He was never a hard drug user or anything like that."

On Thursday, Phillips says his brother along with some friends and relatives went to Springfield to attend the Life and Color event at the Shrine Mosque. Phillips said he got a call late at night that something went wrong. Something he says could have been prevented. Phillips says, "He was not responsive. His heart wasn't beating, they tried to revive him on the way to the hospital, but he didn't make it."

Life and Color bills itself as the world's largest paint party. Incidents involving drugs and alcohol have been reported at other life and color concerts. Springfield Police officers responded to reports of drug use the night Lynn died. Phillips says, " I don't think there was foul play. I think there was things being passed around and unfortunately he was a casualty of that."


The Greene County Medical Examiners Office says an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of Phillips death.

During the concert people are spayed with paint. Incidents involving drugs and alcohol have been reported at other Life in Color concerts, including one at Lehigh University in December 2011. At least 44 people were hospitalized in that incident.

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