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U.S. Marshals want Darren David Fink for sex crimes

Darren Fink is wanted for felonies involving sex with a child

June 21, 2012|Dave Stewart, Managing Editor |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The U.S. Marshals is the oldest law enforcement agency in the country, and they need your help.  They're looking for 42-year old Darren David Fink.

Investigators say Darren Fink took a child's innocence too soon near the town of Bruner, Mo.

We asked Deputy U.S. Marshal Darren Lane about what this type of crime does to a child.  He said, "first and foremost, it takes away a child's innocence, but beyond that it impacts them emotionally in every aspect of their lives for the remainder of their lives.

Fink was charged in November 2011 by the Douglas County Prosecutor with five felony counts involving sex with a child from the age of nine to fifteen. Specifically, he is charged with Attempted Statutory Rape of a child, Statutory Sodomy of a child, Child Molestation and Sexual Misconduct or Attempt involving a child.

Deputy Marshal Lane said, "we believe him to be hiding somewhere in the Douglas or Christian County areas.  His current whereabouts or his current place of hiding is unknown to us, and that's where the public can come into play."

Deputies say fink is an outdoors man, loves to fish and is probably supporting himself through logging.


Darren David Fink is 6' 3", about 180 lbs. and has salt and pepper hair.  If you think know where Fink is, call the U.S. Marshals at (417) 831-0588. You can remain anonymous.

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