Neighborhood woes over new Walmart Neighborhood Market

Construction of new grocery store location on Mt. Vernon and West Bypass in Springfield has some residents upset.

April 19, 2012|Reporter: Lauren Matter, Photographer: Kuba Wuls |,

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The west side of Springfield will soon have another grocery store choice.

Construction has begun on a brand new Walmart Neighborhood Market at West Bypass and Mt. Vernon.

But residents in the west Springfield neighborhood are making noise about the noise.

"You just hear that beep, beep, beep, all day long," says resident Hillary Deckard.

"They're blasting, and it rattles the windows," says resident David Edmonson.

"I can't stand it," says Deckard.

Deckard lives two doors up from the construction.

"My husband works 3:30 to midnight or 2 in the morning. We are up until 4 or 5 and then this starts at about 7 or 7:30," Deckard explains.


So when they're sleeping, construction is going on.

"It was peaceful and quiet until that started," Edmonson says.

His family has lived in the neighborhood since 1995.

He admits he's not a fan of change, and says it's not the noise that bothers him but the unanswered questions.

"We've all been talking about it, where are they going to dump traffic out from? Where is the trash going to be and how stinky is it going to be around here with the trash, we don't know," Edmonson questions.

Not everyone is upset.

Some residents say it will be convenient when the store opens; Deckard says it's unnecessary.

"The next light up here you have Price Cutter, down here you have Walmart, don't understand why they decided to put in a new one," Deckard says.

Necessary or not, construction continues.

And neighbors, like Deckard, grin and bear it.

"They hardly ever stop and when it does it's because they're going home and they're not coming back," says Deckard with a smile.

Another concern for neighbors is safety and how much extra traffic will be in the area.

The location on Mt. Vernon and West Bypass is the third neighborhood market set to open in Springfield.

Another is almost complete on Republic Road near Highway FF.

And another will open at Glenstone and Bennett.

No word from Walmart on when the stores will open to the public.

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