Kindergarten registration opens for Springfield Public Schools

March 08, 2012|by Jonah Kaplan, KSPR News |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo — Registration for children who will enter kindergarten in August 2012 will be held March 8-16.

A child must be 5 years old before Aug. 1 to start kindergarten.

Parents should register their child at the school where the child will attend. View a schedule of dates and times registration will occur at each school.

Children must also complete a kindergarten screening before they start school.

Other early childhood developmental screenings are also available.

Children between the ages of six months and three years may be screened between now and May. Screenings for Wonder Years may also be scheduled now.

Screenings are free but available by appointment only. Call 523-1160 to make an appointment.

Wonder Years is a preschool program for four- and five-year-olds who will start kindergarten in 2013-2014 but may need additional assistance to prepare for the academic challenges of kindergarten. Placement in Wonder Years is based upon the developmental screening. To start Wonder Years, a child must turn 4 before Aug. 1.

Top 10 Skills List for Kindergarteners

These are the Top 10 things educators identified they would like students to be able to do as they enter kindergarten:

1. Knows personal information

Name, address, phone number, age

2. Attends to personal needs

Zips, buttons, snaps, ties, bathrooms independently

3. Listens

Uses eye contact and verbally responds to questions with adults and peers

4. Follows 1¿ and 2¿step directions

For example: "Please hang up your coat, and then join us at the rug"

5. Understands the concept of a story

Characters, main idea, beginning, middle and end

6. Attends to an activity for 10¿15 minutes

Building with blocks or Legos, coloring, puzzles

7. Recognizes Colors

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink, brown and black

8. Recognizes Alphabet

Letters in own name, says ABCs, and is beginning to recognize letters out of order (upper¿case and lower¿case)

9. Recognizes Numbers

Counts to 21, recognizes numerals 0¿9, counts 10 objects

10. Recognizes Shapes

Square, rectangle, circle, diamond, star, triangle, oval

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