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Tuesday Morning Weather Blog: Cool & Windy

Temperatures will be on the rise across the Ozarks. Don't expect it to feel warm, wind chills will make it feel much cooler.

November 29, 2011|Meteorologist Natalie Nunn |

Any chance of snow, sleet, freezing rain, or rain that parts of the Ozarks saw yesterday, is long gone.  The cut-off low is now pushing east, taking any precipitation chances and cloud coverage along with it.  Towns as far west as Mtn. Home, AR and Houston, MO did see a wintry mix.  Shannon and Oregon counties did see up to an inch of snow on the ground.  This morning it's likely a heavy dusting.

Winds will be wrapping around that area of low pressure.  Winds will be strong in from the north.  We can expect gusts up to 25 mph.  Temperatures will warm, but remain below average. 

Thursday will be the only semi-warm day for the area.  Temperatures will be in the mid-50's, although it looks to be a little on the windy side. 

The immediate future brings no weather worries to my attention.  There are two other things that catch my attention.  Snow/sleet chances this weekend and extreme cold next week. 


Right now models aren't agreeing on winter weather for the weekend, so we will simply add a wintry mix late Saturday into Sunday.  By Thursday morning, we will have a better grasp on the weekend forecast. The GFS model is showing extreme cold starting Tuesday of next week.  I had to take a double look as it was showing FRIGID overnight temps.  This will certainly be something to watch.

Have a wonderful day!

Meteorologist Natalie Nunn

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