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Autopsy Shows "Synthetic Drug" In System of Springfield Man Who Died in July After Taser

Medical Examiner Believes Joshua Nossoughi¿s Death Not Caused by Taser

November 02, 2011|by Joe Daues KSPR News

The autopsy on a Springfield man who died after being shot by a Taser shows high levels of a synthetic drug in the system of Joshua Nossoughi.

Nossoughi died July 9 after a struggle with Battlefield police and Greene County deputies.   Officers used pepper spray and twice tasered the man they believe tried to break into Battlefield City Hall.

Medical Examiner Dr. Carl Stacy tells KSPR NEWS the man had an elevated body temperature when he died because of the drug.

KSPR News asked if the fight with police on a hot July afternoon or the Taser caused his death.

"The struggle and the fight he had with police and his running around could have; but in my opinion it was not a major contributing factor," Stacy said.


When he was arrested Nossoughi was only wearing underwear.

During the autopsy Stacy found burn marks on his body from the Taser  "He also had some bruises; he bumped his head.  He was also hit by batons on the shins," Stacy said.

Stacy confirmed the drug was similar to synthetic marijuana or any of the substitutes that you can buy over the internet.   "It's a trend nationwide," he said.   

Stacy confirms he's performed several autopsies that linked this synthetic drug to death.

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