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UPDATED: Lightning Strikes Police Officers in Joplin

Emergency Management Confirms Two Hit

May 23, 2011|by Joe Daues KSPR News

The Joplin Assistant City Manager confirms two police officers were impacted by a lightning strike Monday evening. 

Sam Anselm tells KSPR News one of the officers was taken to the hospital, the other went back to work.   He says at least one of the officers is from out of town, meaning they do not live in Joplin.   He did not give names or say whether the injured officer was local or from another area.


The Jasper County Emergency Management Agency confirms two police officers in Joplin were struck by lightning this afternoon (5-23).

There are no other details available at this time.

Joplin police are among hundreds of first responders from the immediate area and surrounding communities keeping the peace and searching for survivors in the aftermath of the tornado Sunday evening.

According to its website, the Joplin Police department has an authorized number of officers of 111.

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