Hollister, MO Families Return To Flood-Ravaged Homes, Await FEMA Inspections

Foggy River Road now a flood way, meaning no renovations can start until FEMA gives the OK

May 03, 2011|by Jonah Kaplan, KSPR News |

HOLLISTER, Mo — A week after flooding in Taney County submerged many homes on Foggy River Road, Table Rock Dam's gates have finally been sealed - and families are now returning to those homes to assess the damage.

Last week, Lake Taneycomo's levels reached several garages and upper levels of homes.

Today, people like Larry Hooper could walk around his house - or tread through it.

The furious floods of Lake Taneycomo drenched his bedrooms, his den and his kitchen.

"In 2008 [FEMA] said that was our one-in-a-hundred-years flood," Hooper laments. "The ceilings - they're destroyed, the wood is warped. I don't know if I'll rebuild again. One time yes, two times no. I'm done."

Across the street the feeling was mutual; it might be time to leave the neighborhood.

After the 2008 floods, FEMA re-zoned Foggy River Road and labeled it a flood way instead of a flood plain, meaning no more homes could be built along Lake Taneycomo.


That means today no one can begin repairs without FEMA's permission.

Those agents won't visit the area for at least two weeks.

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