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Search Warrants Reveal Seized Items From Adult Store During Drug Investigation

Officers say "Bliss" sold at the store tested positive for meth and cocaine

April 18, 2011|Emily Rittman | Reporter

Springfield, Mo — Two search warrants filed by a C.O.M.E.T. drug task force officer reveal the items seized during a recent drug investigation at adult store, Paradise News and Arcade.  According to the officer, for several weeks he received information that Paradise News and Arcade was selling “Bliss” from behind the counter to customers who asked for “fertilizer” or “plant food.” Officers had an undercover informant purchase one gram of “Bliss” for $84. Investigators say the “Bliss” field tested positive for both methamphetamine and cocaine. The informant told officers the Paradise clerk got “Bliss” from a drawer below and to the right of the cash register.

The drug task force officer says while serving a search warrant at Paradise News and Arcade an employee said he was in charge of ordering all of the merchandise for the store. He reportedly told officers the elaborate security system at the store sent a live feed to his home. Officers received a search warrant for his home. They seized a computer monitor, hard drive and payroll, bank receipts from his home. The same employee was booked in the Greene County Jail last week and released. Another man was also arrested. Prosecutors have not yet filed criminal charges. Officers say the investigation is ongoing.


List of items seized from Paradise News and Arcade on April 13:

1.       Multiple blue packets with unknown substance from under front counter

2.       Multiple green packets with unknown substance from under front counter

3.       Multiple “Vanilla Sky” bath salts from under front counter

4.       White “Polar Express” containers from under front counter

5.       Clear “Polar Express containers from under front counter

6.       Multiple foil packets from top drawer at front counter

7.       Multiple foil packets and nine glass containers from second drawer at front counter

8.       17 “Mary J’s Relaxation Brownies” from under front counter

9.       Inventory list/price guide on front counter

10.   Items from clear plastic display cases on front counter

11.   Flavored rolling tubes

12.   Four digital scales

13.   Multiple brands of rolling papers

14.   Daily item summary

15.   Clear bags with empty capsules from back storage room

16.   Box of “Hypno Trip” packets

17.   Haymaker original

18.   “Aces” packets

19.   “Zombie Matter” packets

20.   “Pandora” packets

21.   Blue unmarked packets

22.   White “Polar Express” containers from back storage room

23.   Clear “Polar Express” containers from back storage room

24.   “Home Spice Strawberry”

25.   “Dragon Eye” containers

26.   “Spike Max” packets

27.   “Head Trip”

28.   Green/gram crystal bags

29.   “Dr. Feelgood” packets

30.   “Vanilla Sky” packets

31.   “Colorado Chronic” packets

32.   “Cloud 10 Storm”

33.   Unmarked blue packets

34.   Miscellaneous Packets

35.   “Revelation Ultra”

36.   Financial Statements from January-February 2011

37.   “Comatose Candy”

38.   “Fusion” pink packets

39.   “Fusion” purple packets

40.   “Fusion” green packets

41.   “Cloud 10 Storm” packets

42.   “Hypno Trip” and “Head Trip” packets

43.   “Mary J’s Brownies” two boxes from hallway storage room

44.   Emachine in living quarters

45.   HP Pavilion

46.   Emachine under front counter

47.   HP Laptop

48.   Sprint HTC phone

49.   Emachine in closet in front office

50.   5 CD’s, 3 Flash Drives, portable hard drive

51.   Four bundles of misc. packets

52.   Misc documents from safe in office

53.   Dell computer from office

54.   Three DVR’s from office

55.   Dell Optiplex from office

56.   Magnavox DVD/VHS player from office

57.   US currency from drop safe under front counter

58.   US currency from cash register drawer

59.   US currency from locked closet in office

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