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Mother, 2 Young Children Found Dead in Lebanon Home

Investigators suspect double murder, suicide. Police say autopsies are planned.

November 26, 2010|Doug Magditch |

LEBANON, Mo. — Police are investigating a Thanksgiving tragedy today: an apparent double-murder / suicide. A mother and two of her children are dead.

Sharon Trevino, 28, is dead from a gunshot wound to the head. The kids, 5-month-old Izaiah Trevino and 5-year-old Marissa Morgan, are also dead, cause of death undetermined.

Police say Trevino shot herself in the head. They don't know how the children died, but say they were likely murdered. Those close to Trevino refuse to believe she's responsible.

"I want some answers. I want to know why," says neighbor Gabriel Bowman.

He hasn't slept all night.

"It was kind of a fiasco," says Bowman.

Around 9 pm, he heard yelling at his neighbor's house. He thought it was a fight.

"I thought another fight, because I'd heard so many fights over here before," says Bowman.

It turned out to be something much worse. Sharon Trevino's step-mother was calling police, because she'd just found Trevino, and two of her kids, dead.


"Why? Why would a mother do something like that. Life can't be that bad," says Bowman.

"She was a happy person," says Jane Striplin.

Striplin owns the home, in the 1000 block of N Adams Ave, Sharon Trevino lived in.

"It's hard for me to believe. I just did not see her that way at all. I'm in shock. I would never have suspected it," says Striplin.

Striplin was supposed to collect a rent check Friday.

"I don't want to go in that house. I've got to get someone to go in and clean it up, I just can't do it," says Striplin.

Police spent nearly seven hours on the scene overnight. They say Trevino, likely, killed herself and her kids.

Those that knew Trevino find that explanation hard to believe.

"I've seen the way she's treated her kids. (She) not only treated her kids, but protected her kids," says Bowman.

"A lot of things run through your mind, but I'm not free to say, because I don't know anything. I just thought, it wasn't her that did that," says Striplin.

Police still don't know how the kids died. They expect poison, because there are no signs of trauma. There's an autopsy scheduled Saturday, in Springfield, Mo. Toxicology results could take up to a week. Those results would show if someone poisoned the kids.

There are rumors, circulating Trevino's neighborhood, pointing accusations at her estranged husband. Colorado police say they spoke with him, face-to-face. They say he could not have been in Lebanon at the time of the deaths.

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