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Van Buren, AR Parents Say Special Needs Child Bullied on Facebook

May 06, 2010|KSPR News

The parents of an Arkansas boy are outraged today after they say a popular social networking site was used to bully their son.

They say other students used the social media site Facebook to harass their special needs child.

"I use to be in special ed and they are using it against me. It really does hurt me," said Harrison Warren, 13.

His parents, Jeannie and James Wilson, say Harrison is a special needs child who was the target of bullying on Facebook.

"He has some difficulty and we understand that. but to see him publicly ridiculed is devastating," said Jeannie Wilson.

Harrison's parents say he came home Tuesday and told them classmates created a Facebook page in his honor.

"I thought yeah it's something about me now I won't get judged," said Harrison.

But that wasn't the case.

"The page was titled specifically Harrison is a retard," said his mother.

Fifty students became a fan. Some started posting harsh comments. The Wilson's say one student posted a frightening statement.

"The first posting he put said no this is in fact a hate group on harrison because he is this way," said James Wilson.

The Van Buren, Arkansas police picked up the case.

"That is what we are investigating now. if there is any criminal aspects of this case," said officer Brent Grill.

Police got in contact with the parents of the student who created the page. It has been deleted.

Harrison's parents say he is not going back to the school.

"I would hope the children would not retaliate with physical violence," said his mother.

Police say the case will now go before the prosecutor to determine if any criminal charges will be filed.

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